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Workforce -- Make Business Decisions Based on Local Data
May 2018

Hello. And welcome to At the Center.

Earlier this month it was announced that the unemployment rate in Lancaster County is 3.3%. Good news, for sure . . . unless, of course, you're looking for employees, which many of you are!

Therefore, once again, I come before you today to discuss workforce. And, more specifically four areas where your Chamber is trying to make a positive impact in meeting the workforce challenges that we all face. From driving business decisions based on local data to offering employees programming to help them excel, we want to ensure we are your go-to business resource (or something along those lines!)

First, I want to make you aware of our new and improved Wage and Benefit Survey. From now thru July 23, we invite you to take this on-line survey that will ultimately provide you with the information you need to stay competitive with wages and benefits that match the marketplace. Your participation not only enhances the survey for everyone but it also provides you with a free comparison of the survey results in the categories you completed. For more details or to simply take the survey, visit

Secondly, please know that we are offering another survey for your consideration, as well. In an attempt to fully leverage Lancaster County's long-standing reputation as a destination for migrants, we are working with the Lancaster County Refugee and Immigrant Coalition and the Lancaster County Community Foundation in an attempt to match your employment needs with our immigrant and refugee population's skills. Look for the survey that will be sent to you via email within the next week.

Third, as you look to grow the skills of your existing workforce, please know we are still offering the SkillUp Lancaster online training program. A comprehensive listing of more than 4,000 courses -- some credentialed, some not -- that you or your staff can access 24/7. We fully appreciate that in this time of doing more with less, attendance at a training course out of the office can be difficult . . . so we've brought the training to you through this platform. You can learn more at lancaster (dot)

Finally, I can't help but remind you all that we still offer a wide range of in-house training programs. From our free Professional Development Friday courses to our Academies on management, sales, presentation and more, we have a host of training programs to suit a variety of needs. Check out our website at (backslash) events for a complete listing.

With a 3.3% unemployment rate it's clear that we have to do all we can to train and retain the workforce we have. The Chamber is committed to helping you with that challenge and we invite you to take advantage of all the tools I mentioned to help ensure you have the workers and the skills you need to thrive!

Until next time, stay informed, stay engaged and stay with us . . . At the Center.

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