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Agenda for Prosperity
March 2018

Hello. And welcome to At the Center.

At our recent Annual Business Meeting, we shared our 2018 Agenda for Prosperity - an overview of the issues and initiatives the Chamber has prioritized for the coming year.

In its entirety, the Agenda demonstrates how the Chamber is as committed as ever to helping your business, creating a better business climate and fostering prosperity for all of Lancaster County.

The Big Four issues this year are as follows:

  • Workforce. Whether it be through our training programs to grow your employee skills to developing system-wide approaches that create better connections between education and your needs, we are fully committed to doing all we can to address this challenge in the coming year. From legislation to home-grown initiatives there is much that must be done if we are to grow our economy and involve all people in the continued economic success of Lancaster County.
  • Taxes. Sure, taxes are always a priority issue in creating a better business climate and we take a business perspective in reviewing proposals at all levels of government. However, the priority focus in this area, once again, is to continue to push for lowering the state's corporate net income tax rate, currently the second highest in the nation.
  • Regulation. Another obvious and ongoing business concern. Whether it be at the federal, state or local level, regulations can quickly halt innovation, cut margins and delay, delay, delay. Yet, we also acknowledge they can also serve a role in protecting the greater good. Finding that balance and inviting conversations between businesses that are impacted and policy makers is an important role for the Chamber as we work to minimize unintended consequences of potentially well-intended regulations.
  • Transportation. Simply put, the Lancaster Chamber wants you and your employees to get to work, we want to get your product to market and we want to ensure a solid quality of life for you and our visitors. From roads to bus routes, bike paths to ride-sharing, we must be aggressive in developing a transportation that works for all of us. And that work is never done.

Our Agenda for Prosperity also focuses on issues and partnerships we are working on within the six "buckets" outlined in our Prosperity Indicators: Economic Engine, Physical Environment, Education, the Well Being of People, Health and Safety and Community and Culture. And from STEM Learning to immigration, there is no shortage of opportunity in all of these areas, as well.

In short, we have an aggressive agenda for the coming year. And, we simply can't do it without you.

Look for ongoing status reports on all the items in our Agenda. And, please consider ways you can help us in advancing it. Whether it be through simply sharing the impact an issue has on your business or contacting an elected official, the business voice is critical if we are to ensure our future prosperity.

As I mentioned at our Annual Business Meeting, now is not a side-line moment for business.

Please take a moment to review the complete report on-line at And please let us know your thoughts.

Until next time, stay informed, stay engaged and stay with us...At the Center.

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