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Creating Impact - Business & Community Issues Survey
October 2016

Hello. And welcome to At the Center.

I’m coming to you today via this email message to specifically ask you to keep an eye out for another email message from The Chamber tomorrow. An email that will benefit greatly from your participation.

As I hope you know, The Chamber is transitioning its business model. Our new model is committed to being more intentional regarding our programming, our services and, as importantly, our impact.

And a critical element of ensuring relevant impact is to hear from you.

To that end, tomorrow, via email, you will be receiving a comprehensive Business & Community Issues Survey. The Survey is designed to solicit your opinion on issues that impact your business, issues that impact the community and issues that you believe The Chamber should be prioritizing. From workforce development to taxes; affordable housing to healthcare; regulatory burdens to education; poverty to any and all of our Prosperity Indicators and much, much more, this survey invites you to weigh in on the issues you face and the challenges and opportunities for our community while assisting The Chamber in creating an agenda that matters.

In short, now is your chance to have influence on our 2017 and beyond public policy agenda and I am hopeful you will take advantage of the moment.

It’s no secret that one of the unique value propositions of The Lancaster Chamber is in its ability to effectively leverage the business voice. Whether it’s weighing in on a piece of legislation, a call-to-action around a transportation priority, a concern about the environment or an opportunity that impact our quality of life, we want to be sure that voice speaks for you. And, as such, we need to hear from you.

Until next time, stay involved, stay connected and stay with us…At the Center.


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