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Envisioned Future Update: Community Prosperity
September 2016

Hello.  And welcome to At the Center.

As we’ve been sharing with you over this past year, there are big changes going on at The Chamber.

For starters, as you likely know, we’re moving our headquarters and setting up shop with five strategic partners in space designed to better serve you.  That project remains on track and continues to offer opportunities to create impact. 

As importantly, however, we are also changing our business model and charting a new course to create access to accelerate ideas, opportunities and solutions.

This change has many moving parts and won’t be fully implemented until 2017 but for today’s message I just wanted to focus on one aspect of our new direction, Community Impact.

You know, when the Lancaster Chamber was founded 144 years ago, our founders did not come together for a Mixer, they didn’t come together for a training program, nor did they come together to create a value-added product.  They came together to create impact.

Our new business model wants to put that simple concept front-and-center and invites you to hold us accountable for delivering on it.

In this regard, we, along with our partners, will be revisiting our community Prosperity Indicators to invite more action-orientation and ensure accountability; we will be spotlighting certain issues –such as the upcoming overtime regulations—and assisting you with compliance; and we will be more of an activist in fighting for the issues that matter to your business and our community.  And, we will develop measurements so we can be held accountable.

So, as we transition to our new model, we need to hear from you on those issues that most impact your future business success.  Be it an issue directly related to your bottom-line or a broader issue impacting an entire industry sector or community, we need your voice to ensure a relevant agenda with measurable impact.  We’re starting our 2017 planning now, so your input is essential if we are going to be the business partner we know we can be.

Please email us at with your thoughts.  We look forward to partnering with you to make positive change.

Until next time, stay engaged, stay informed and stay with us, At the Center.


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