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Envisioned Future
April 2015

Hello. And welcome to At the Center.

As we announced at this year’s Annual Business Meeting, one of The Chamber’s major areas of focus during the first six months of 2015 has been and is undertaking a comprehensive strategic planning process.

The process, entitled the Envision Future Blueprint by our consultants from E4 Exchange, is designed to take a look at literally everything we do.

From member services to community impact; professional development to advocacy; and governance to business model….every aspect of The Chamber has been “on-the-table” for review.

We’ve discussed our core purpose and values, our mission and vision, our value proposition, our customer segments and current and future partnerships. And, we’ve engaged the membership in a variety of ways to solicit their input.

We entered the process with no preconceived thoughts on how it might end, just a commitment to take a fresh look at everything.

And the fresh look has been invigorating.

To date, the process has reminded us that we really do have a unique and wonderful business community. The amount of volunteerism, feedback and innovative thought that has been shared with us throughout the process has made that point crystal clear.

The process has also affirmed that we really do have a host of programs and services that provide great value to the local business community. You have told us that, and we thank you for your support.

Yet, the process has also made it clear that we can never be content. Just like your business, we must always be intentional about looking ahead; we must be nimble enough to seize opportunities, yet focused enough to accomplish the big goals with great impact; and we must constantly seek ways to engage you our customers.

You know, one of the most misunderstood aspects of chambers is the belief that they are part of a national federation. Fact is, they aren’t. Every chamber is completely independent and, as such, can be anything it wants to be.

We remain committed to making sure this chamber is the best it can be. One that represents the best interest of our local business community, while working towards the best interest of our county. And that, is the ultimate goal of this process.
Until next time, stay informed, stay engaged and stay with us…At the Center.

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