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Providing Value
February 2015

Hello. And welcome to At the Center.

Last week, we held our Annual Business Meeting wherein we had the opportunity to share our plans for 2015 with more than 550 of our members. For those that were in attendance, thank you.

For those that weren’t, I’d like to give you a sampling of what you missed.
For us, the coming year is all about providing value to you and the broader business community. And we plan to provide that in a number of ways.

First and foremost, we plan to provide value through impact. With a new Congress in Washington DC and a new Governor in Harrisburg there will be plenty of opportunities to leverage the collective voice of the Lancaster County business community in our ongoing efforts to create a positive business climate. From labor relations, transportation, education, health care and, as always, tax climate, our work is never done in working with our elected officials to affect positive change, and our priorities are clearly outlined in our 2015 Pro-Business Agenda that you can view on-line.

Secondly, we plan to provide value through resources. Whether it be through our newly-announced partnership with the PA College of Health Sciences to offer a broad array of local, on-line, on-demand training programs, through the vast amount of information available to you through our Business Research Solutions databases or through our new training programs like New Manager Academy, 2015 has us making more of a commitment to providing you with the information you need for business success. In addition, we plan on using our new, on-line newsletter as a source for you to share information, insight and best practices with our entire membership….allowing us all to benefit from the collective knowledge of the Lancaster business community.

Lastly, we intend to provide value through collaborations. We are working with the IU-13 to advance opportunities for STEM education in Lancaster County; we are partnering with local technology firms to provide you with Tech Talks; we are gaining new partners and venues for our annual membership picnic and Business Expo; and we are continuing to advance the partnerships we have in place surrounding the promotion and use of the Prosperity Indicators project.

Rest assured, there is more underway and I would ask that you keep an eye out for our Annual Report which provides more details and will arrive to you all shortly. And, as always, you can check out our website for the latest news and events.

So, that’s the plan for The Chamber as we look ahead. However, make no mistake about it, there would be no look ahead without the ongoing support of you, our members. So, to that end, we simply can’t talk about our future without celebrating your successful and supportive past. So allow me to close with a video tribute to our members along with an offering of thanks from the entire Board and staff…..

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