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Think Local This Holiday Season
December 2014

KEEGAN: You sent for me, Pop?

BALDRIGE: Yes, Keegan. Lancaster County needs our support.

KEEGAN: Really, what can we do?

BALDRIGE: Every time we make a purchase we are helping Lancaster County prosper.

KEEGAN: Even when we buy a toy for Wallis?

BALDRIGE: Yes, even when we buy a toy for that crazy pup. Keegan, you know when we buy local more money stays in the community, local jobs are created and sustained, the community and economy are strengthened, the quality of life is improved and customer service is enhanced.

KEEGAN: So you mean, that every time a cash register rings Lancaster County prospers?

BALDRIGE: Exactly, you got it! But, enough of me talking, let’s open the Think Local store and I’ll show you how.

BALDRIGE: Did you find everything okay?

TRUPE: I did, thank you. In fact, we were all just chatting in line about the perfect gifts we’ve found. We’re all buying gift cards to treat our loved ones to a night out on the town. I’m taking my mother to a performance at the Dutch Apple Dinner Theater.

FENNINGER: I’m ringing in the New Year’s at FENZ

BARRALL: And, I’m using these Summer Fun Passes to treat my in-laws to the attractions at Strasburg Railroad.

BALDRIGE: Oh, batteries I see?

BROWN: Yeah, they will come in handy when my family tries to play with their new toys and gadgets, after all, Santa doesn't always bring batteries. Plus, they are great stocking stuffers, got to love Interstate All Battery Center.

HULSE: I see I’m not the only one buying stocking stuffers today. I am getting these notecards and handmade coasters from Building Characters.

WEISS: I am putting this $25 gift card from Lancaster Plumbing Heating & Cooling in my daughter’s stocking – her husband thinks he’s handy, but he’s not.

BALDRIGE: Looks like someone’s planning to pamper themselves after the holidays.

KUBINEC: My hands get so dry during the winter months, these gloves and hand cream from Mary Kay will work perfectly.

WITKOVSKY: I am pampering myself with a gift card to A Therapeutic Effect.

BALDRIGE: I wouldn’t mind a little pampering myself. Find everything okay?

GREBINGER: I did, thank you. I have some artwork that I recently purchased and this frame from Grebinger Gallery & Lancaster Picture Framing will definitely make it stand out.

BALDRIGE: Thank you, and please come again

KEEGAN: Pop, we really had that bell ringing today.

BALDRIGE: Yes we did and such lovely music to my ears.

BALDRIGE: So as you, too, are putting together your holiday shopping list, we ask that you keep local businesses in the forefront of your mind, especially during the holiday season, and keep those bells ringing.

On behalf of all of The Chamber staff, Happy Holidays and here’s to working together toward a prosperous New Year for all local businesses.

Until next time, stay informed, stay engaged and stay with us…At the Center.

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