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Lancaster Chamber Unveils 2013 Strategic Initiative
February 2013

Hello and welcome to At the Center.

Last week, before a sell-out crowd of more than 700 people, Chamber staff and volunteers were thrilled to be able to present our 2013 priorities at our Annual Business Meeting.  Today, I’d like to reiterate them to you as they serve as the platform on which your investment in The Chamber can be based and your experience with The Chamber can be judged.

As always, we begin with the “Why?”, our Mission Statement –To build Lancaster County into a model of prosperity for 21st Century America.  Simply put, this is the statement that drives us.  We aspire to it and hope our enthusiasm for the lofty goal is contagious.

Following the “Why?”—is the “How?,” which is represented by our three Core Strategies of Lead, Connect & Innovate.   These three core strategies have served us well in organizing our work and offering context for the way in which we serve the broader Lancaster community, the local business community and, of course, our members.

Finally, for 2013, we are taking our strategic thinking to another level as we add the What – three Strategic Focus Areas of Access & Experience, Value & Content and Community Impact.

This year we have organized our priorities and developed a host of measurements around these three Focus Areas.  We are determined to improve and enhance your experience with The Chamber, we are committed to improving the value and content of our programming and we are focused on making a positive community impact in a host of ways.

In the coming weeks, you will receive our 2012 Annual Report and 2013 Program of Work which will include a comprehensive list of our priorities for the year.  Please look for it.

In the meantime, a sampling of our 2013 priorities include enhancing your access and experience through our website, through our physical office location and through our ability to better connect you to business opportunities.  We will also be focused on improving the value and content of your membership through improved programming and additional opportunities for Young Professionals, entrepreneurs and marketing your business.  And, as always, we are looking to make community impact by harnessing the vast power of the private sector and making a difference in business/education partnerships, bolstering Lancaster County’s transportation network, ensuring sustainable local governments and continuing to promote our Think Local initiative, wherever and whenever possible.

As we noted last week at the Annual Business Meeting, through it all our number one priority remains you.  We are here to serve our members and we welcome your feedback.  As always, thanks for your membership.

Until next time, stay informed, stay engaged and stay with us….At the Center

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