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Prosperity Indicators Envisioning our Future
October 2012

Like any successful business, measurements, benchmarking and tracking trends are important tools to make sure you continue on the road to success.

As the saying goes, if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there; so the need to have a specified path toward a specified vision is critical for both achieving and celebrating success.

Such is the premise behind the Lancaster County Prosperity Indicators Project.  An ambitious project that aims to track multiple aspects of the economy, the environment, education and other quality of life factors in Lancaster County.

Through a strong partnership with Lancaster County government, the United Way of Lancaster County, the Lancaster County Community Foundation and The Lancaster Chamber, the Prosperity Indicators is designed to measure, track and communicate a host of statistical factors. These factors will help set the stage in getting to our collective goal of ensuring Lancaster County as a model of prosperity for 21st Century America.

The project, being championed by Chamber Vice President Cheryl Irwin-Bass, features a variety of statistics in six categories:  Well Being of People; Education; our Economic Engine; Health & Safety; Community & Culture; and Physical Environment.  From employment statistics to voting participation; from affordable housing to water quality; and from charitable giving to educational attainment, the Indicators Project will feature comparative statistical information, assess trends in each of the six categories; and, over time, offer a snap shot on the direction Lancaster County is taking in areas key to our future success.

While we were pleased to be able to announce the concept of the Indicators Project at our State of the County event last year, we are even more excited to be able to dig a little deeper into the results and analysis at this year’s State of the County program, scheduled for Monday, November 19 from 11:30 – 1:00 at the Doubletree Resort by Hilton.  The program will also include time for your feedback, so come prepared to find out more about what makes Lancaster County so special and how we can be sure we keep it that way!  Check out our website to register.

One thing I am sure we can all agree on is our collective goal of living in a community that is a model of prosperity.   Step one in that process is trying to define what that looks like and measuring our progress; step two is about making sure we have an informed public that is willing to get involved in making a difference; and step three is working together to get the work done.  On behalf of all our partners in this project, I hope we can count on you to be part of the journey.

Until next time, stay informed, stay engaged and stay with us, At the Center.

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