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2011 Membership Survey
May, 2011

Hi, and welcome to At the Center.

In February, we conducted a comprehensive membership survey which yielded 850 participants from a broad range of industries and a fairly even mix of company sizes, representative of our membership.

A question we ask regularly is the primary reason a company joins The Chamber, and the answers have remained consistent over the years. They are: Networking, Advocacy, Professional Development and Marketing and Promotional Opportunities. I’m pleased to report that for the majority of members, we are meeting or exceeding expectations in these core services areas. So, if you joined The Chamber for a specific reason and are not acting on it, I would encourage you to do so.

In the area of advocacy, members confirmed their top legislative issues are healthcare insurance, business taxes, education and workforce, and energy. All of these issues are contained in The Chamber’s 2011 Pro Business Agenda, and we continue to advance them through our policy positions already in place, and by monitoring new legislation introduced in these areas.

We also learned that our members have a fairly positive outlook for 2011, in that 76 percent of member businesses expect to grow moderately or significantly this year. This is true across all industries and company sizes. The hiring outlook is improving as well, with 51 percent saying they expect to hire this year. 

In both of these “good news” areas, I will throw out one more statistic. We asked members to rate their level of involvement with The Chamber, and then cross-referenced that data with many of the other results. What we found with the 2011 outlook was 83 percent of very involved companies expected to grow significantly or moderately, compared to 68 percent of members not involved. Much the same, very involved companies are more likely to be hiring than the non-involved companies.

While the results may not be taking into consideration all of the contributing factors, it is clear that companies that use their membership and get involved in The Chamber are more satisfied overall, are having their needs met and their expectations exceeded, are more poised for growth and are more likely to hire. I would say investing in The Chamber is worthwhile for many companies and individuals who utilize their membership to help them achieve their goals.  Fact is, we score highest from those who know us best and use The Chamber services available to them, which should be a strong sign for those who are not very involved, to become more engaged.

To find out how to become more involved or to take advantage of programs and opportunities, please call Samantha Seifried, member relations manager, at The Chamber.

We will continue to utilize the results of the membership survey in future programming decisions, customer service and communication enhancements, and issues-related advocacy efforts.

On behalf of The Chamber staff, we look forward to serving you and hopefully seeing you at an upcoming program or event. Until next time, stay informed, stay – or become – involved, and stay with us, At the Center.
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