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Chamber Strategic Plan
February 23, 2011

Hello. And welcome to At the Center.

Y’know as the economy slumbered –or is that slumped?—many businesses found themselves shelving their long-term planning in favor of a short-term focus on survival. And, to be candid, The Chamber was no exception.

Let’s face it, the last few years have been difficult environments in which to do long-term planning. Now, however, I am sensing a real shift –a real palatable shift from companies looking down to companies looking out. A shift from the mind-set that enabled you to survive, to one that can propel you to thrive. And, again, The Chamber is no exception.

In the spirit of that new mindset, I am pleased to say that The Chamber spent the better part of last year developing a new, three-year Strategic Plan aimed at propelling us forward as we work to meet the needs of our membership and the broader community.

It is a plan that maintains our core mission of “building Lancaster County into a model of prosperity for 21st century America” and our core strategies of Lead, Connect & Innovate, yet adds content on the how, the why and the impact.

A few of the highlights of the Plan are as follows:

Under Lead, we will be working with our higher education partners to both identify and track key indicators toward a prosperous community and work to define and align all the economic resources our County has to offer. We will also be continuing our momentum building work around the promotion of Sustainable Cities and advancing a 25-year plan for transportation and infrastructure improvements for Lancaster County. Not to be missed in this area, as well, is an ambitious pro-business legislative agenda that will ensure the business voice as local, state and federal governments are faced with very difficult decisions for our future.

Under Connect, we will continue our commitment to be the premier business networking organization in the community, while focusing additional emphasis on some type of formal Buy Local/Buy Chamber campaign, promoting more member engagement at all levels –remember, once you are a Chamber member, all employees of the company are chamber members!—and continuing our efforts to advance green and sustainable business awareness and practices.

And, finally, under Innovate, we will be taking a hard look at the word itself and fully evaluating how The Chamber can best serve its membership through innovation and unique partnerships. More to come on this in the coming months.

Other, more internally-focused priorities for the year include a comprehensive review of our volunteer engagement and governance structure and fully implemented membership and marketing plans, designed to serve The Chamber, our membership and the broader community.

Please know that the complete plan is available on our website at or in our recently-published Annual Report which will be arriving in your mail shortly. Take a look at our priorities, let us know what you think, and find a way to get involved.

And, while I mention involvement, one quick way you can help is to complete our Membership Survey, posted on our website through February 28. Let us know how we are doing, let us know how we can help you most and let us know how we can leverage our collective strength to improve our community. I look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time, stay in touch, stay engaged and stay with us….At the Center.

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