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Navigating Wages, Policies and Benefits
May 24, 2010

Do you ever remember a time in business when employee wages and benefits were being refined or, in fact, re- DE-fined, more than they are today?

The speed of change is dizzying as employers and employees weigh the value of health insurance, 401(k)’s, insurance and other perks against the capacity to pay a competitive wage, as well.

Are more wages and less benefits the current way to an employees’ heart so they can figure out how to best suit their own benefit needs? Or would they rather load up on employer-sponsored benefits at a time when the benefits landscape is more confusing than ever? And, what will the impact of the federal healthcare insurance plan be?

Now more than ever, you need to stay in touch with the wages, policies and benefits of the local marketplace if you want to be sure you are retaining your most talented workers, attracting a strong future workforce and still making certain that you are protecting the company’s bottom-line.

The balancing act really is a tough one, but The Chamber is prepared to make it a bit easier for everyone. I invite you to participate in The Chamber’s comprehensive Wage and Policies & Benefits Surveys, the only local data of its kind in the county.
The more companies that get involved, the more powerful the data and the more you can be sure that your companies’ wage and benefit offerings are consistent with the local marketplace.

Participation in the surveys is free. Companies that submit their wage information receive free customized reports containing detailed results for each position for which they provided data. In addition, participants in either survey have the opportunity to purchase the entire survey set of survey results at a significant savings.

For more information and to participate, visit The Chamber’s website,

Until next time, stay engaged, stay informed and stay with us….At the Center.

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