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A Look Ahead
January 20, 2010

Hello. And welcome to “At the Center.”

Despite the cold, January is a month I look forward to because it always seems to bring about a concerted effort to look ahead. Whether it be in business or in your personal life, the New Year always bring new opportunities and new goals…and it is only through planning that you can be certain to maximize them.

It is in this spirit then that I wanted to tell you about three forward-looking events in this year’s Chamber program of action.

For starters, 2010 represents the last year of our three-year strategic plan; so our planning has already begun in earnest to prepare for a plan to cover the next three years. Under the able leadership of Marion McGowan from Lancaster General Health our Strategic Planning Committee has been meeting to put the pieces together for what I firmly believe will be a plan created in our members’ best interest.

But it is also up to you to ensure that. We need to hear from you to know how we can best serve you now and in the future. Our outreach efforts began last fall with a membership survey that proved helpful in giving us some foundational data. But we certainly don’t want to stop there. If you have thoughts on the future of YOUR chamber, give us a call or send us an email. And do it today…or anytime during our nine-month planning cycle. We will all be better off if we can ensure that this strategic plan is one that has benefited from member input.

Secondly, if email or a phone call doesn’t give you the interplay or input you’d like, then you’ll want to be sure to be a part of this year’s Annual Business Meeting –a meeting all about looking ahead and unveiling The Chamber’s priorities for the coming year. The event will be held on Friday, February 12 at the Heritage Ballroom, Lancaster County Convention Center from 7:30 – 9:00 a.m. and a free breakfast will be provided. While the event is always a source of some surprises and announcements, I promise that this year’s event will be more interactive than ever, so be sure you bring your thoughts along with your appetite.

Finally, planning ahead for the near future can be very practical, as well, and an upcoming opportunity for all our members has that covered. I think we can all admit it has been a rough two years. And for those of you who are still standing, it is darn near time to treat yourself. In that regards, I am pleased to announce that this Fall –October 3rd to the 11th —The Chamber is sponsoring a trip to China for the all-inclusive price –travel, hotel and food—of just $2,199 per person/double occupancy. I hope you can join us for a trip of a lifetime. To learn more, visit our website or, better yet, come to our information meeting on Tuesday, January 26. We hope to see you there.

Until next time –which I hope will be at our February 12 Annual Business Meeting --stay informed, stay engaged and stay with us, At the Center.

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