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Buy Local, Buy Chamber
October 21, 2009

Hi, and welcome back to At the Center.

This monthly video message you receive was named “At the Center” as a way of connecting you to our mission and tagline of “At the Center of a Prosperous Community.”

As we strive to achieve our mission of becoming a model of prosperity for 21st Century America, one way that we can make great strides in becoming more prosperous is to encourage our members, and businesses in general, to buy local whenever possible, and more specifically, from Chamber members. For it is when we make purposeful choices to support our neighboring businesses, that we also support and strengthen our local economy.

There are many ways to do this, and I’m going to mention a few:

Before making a purchase, check out our online membership directory. It’s always up to date, and you can search for specific companies or category listings.

Utilize our online member to member services. Our web site provides a venue for members to offer other chamber members discounts or special pricing, as well as a Request For Proposal board for member-to-member bids on projects.

When vendors come looking to do business with you, ask if they are a Lancaster Chamber member. Some of our members go so far as to state they prefer to do business with Chamber members when possible and encourage the vendor to pursue chamber membership.

And, the biggest upcoming opportunity you have to support the local economy is during our Business Expo on October 22 at the Lancaster County Convention Center.

More than 200 local companies will be showcasing their products and services for business people like you to gather information to make future purchasing and business relationship decisions. This is the marketplace for learning about the vast array of products and services available in your backyard, and there is no better or more efficient way to support our local businesses and economy than by visiting the Business Expo.

Let me also take the opportunity to promote one more aspect of the Business Expo. In one day – at one event, we are demonstrating our three core strategies of lead, connect and innovate. Here’s how.

The day begins with your Chamber leading the interests of the business community during our annual Legislative Issues Forum, where we host Lancaster County’s state delegation to dialogue on important business issues including transportation, business taxes, the state budget and other pressing topics. There’s no shortage of issues, and now is the time to have your voice heard.

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