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Lancaster Chamber Electricity Purchasing Program
September 28, 2009

Hello. And welcome to “At the Center.”

Let me be clear, what I want to talk about today is not –I repeat not—a new message. However, it does seem to be a message that is having trouble being fully heard and finding its way to action. So I am delivering it again. And I will simply cut to the chase.

In a few short months, your electricity bills are going to increase. This change has been ten years in the making and is likely going to be significant. Yet, as much as we all know this is going to happen, I am concerned that many of you will not awake to the full impact of this change until you receive that first utility bill in the New Year and wonder what the heck happened!

So, here’s what happened….and, more importantly, here’s what you can do about it:

Ten years ago, our state legislature determined that we would be better off to allow for competition among electric utilities. The obvious thinking was that if we invoked competition into the marketplace, better prices would ensue.

However, the piece that was missing in the strategy was that the state mandated that during the ten-year transition to a market economy, prices charged by the utilities would be capped…making them out of sync with the market and more and more so as time went on.

Now, ten years after the state started this process and with deregulation upon us, the one element of the state plan is working: competition does appear to be entering the marketplace; however, the market realities have shifted such that the “marketplace” is now working off of market prices, which are significantly higher than the prices caps had allowed.

So in a case of what some might call reverse logic, competition will increase under deregulation for sure, but the price points for that competition are at a much higher level.

With that as background, my message today is two-fold, yet simple:

One…this is a very real issue that will impact your bottom line. It deserves your attention and now is the time to explore all options; and,

Two…In an effort to help our members, The Chamber has developed a unique electricity purchasing program that deserves your attention. Now. While market pricing is at five-year lows.

In a partnership with Constellation NewEnergy, who won our partnership through a competitive request-for-proposal process, our program has secured preferred pricing for our members – no usage too small; no usage too big. And all of it gets preferred pricing.

I implore you to take a look at it. And, frankly, I don’t know why you wouldn’t.

The first step to get involved is easy. Simply give us a call or visit our website to learn more. This simple start has no obligation, just information that we are happy to share.

Where you go from there will depend on you, but it is important to us that you know you have options and that we are here to help. We hope you take five minutes today to check it out.

Until next time, stay in touch; stay engaged; and stay with us, At the Center.

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