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July 29, 2009

Hello. And welcome to At the Center.

When we started these video email messages six months ago, we made a commitment to keep our message strategic. Card check, the Chesapeake Bay strategy and business sustainability are examples of the issues we have shared to date.

Today, however, I am adjusting that commitment because the times demand it. While we never want to lose sight of the big picture and our full capacity to impact change as a business community, the fact is we also want to be sure you know we can help you in the here and now.

So, today I would like to speak to you about some very tactical --and practical-- programs at The Chamber. Programs that deserve a brighter spotlight to make sure you are taking full advantage of what your membership can offer.

On September 16 our fall programming kicks off with our Small Business Summit –a soup-to-nuts program geared toward all things small business, including one-on-one time to “ask the expert” and opportunities to meet purchasing agents from some of our area’s largest employers in a “fast pitch” session.

On September 22, we will be launching our four-part Business Contingency Workshop. A comprehensive series of programming geared toward ensuring you are prepared to handle any emergency situation you might face in the workplace.

Our Professional Women’s Forum follows on October 2. This annual day-long event is dedicated to the professional development and networking of women in business and has proven to be one of our most popular and most impactful program offerings.

In addition, we are offering factory tours, a Job Fair, “geek camp” for the IT professional, global market roundtables and our ongoing peer group sessions –all making for a very busy fall committed to providing you the tools you need to succeed.

While the just-noted programs focus on content, an added side-benefit is their ability to promote networking and expand your business contacts. However, we have programs specifically geared for that as well.

For starters, take a fresh look at our free monthly mixers. With record attendance over the past few months, these events are a great way to broaden your business contacts and learn something new about a local business. Our free, quarterly consortium meetings also provide great value in expanding business contacts.

And if expanding business contacts is your goal, you certainly can’t ignore our Annual Business Expo, this year held on October 22 at the Lancaster County Convention Center. What better, more cost-effective way is there to showcase your products and services to more than 1,500 business people? And, what better way for all of us to become aware and take advantage of the power of buying locally?

In addition to the professional and business development programs, we also have programs aimed specifically at improving your bottom line that just shouldn’t be ignored.

Our healthcare plan can guarantee you savings through our endorsed carrier; our business insurance offerings have a solid history of both competitive pricing and returning dividends to you to help your bottom-line; our natural gas program has been able to actually document energy cost savings to its participants; and our just-launched electricity purchasing program demands your attention as we all prepare for the deregulation of electricity rates next year. Now is the time to explore your electricity alternatives, not when you get that first, deregulated bill in January.

All of this information I have mentioned is explained in full on our website at Or feel free to give us a call to learn more.

In short, don’t let your membership go unused at a time when it could be more useful to your company than you even realized. Please take advantage of our program offerings and please keep us posted on additional needs you have where The Chamber could play a helpful role.

Until next time, stay informed, stay engaged and stay with us…At the Center.
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